Summerland Digital Monuments
Summerland Digital Monuments

Once again Signcraft was fortunate enough to join the District of Summerland in creating some monumental signs. Working with some local artists we were able to create two giant mountainscape signs, each encasing a digital reader unit to display local events. We used the basic plans from the concept designer, Robert Inwood, and local Summerland artist, Ron Stacy, assisted us in carving the foam into shape.

Our scope of work was to construct these monument signs to be consistent to the “Welcome to Summerland” signs previously built. These new signs were to have some significant additions – More detailed carving, custom paint and the use of the digital display units.

Original Sign Project

We began by creating the basic shape layers out of plywood and created a framed skeleton structure.

Basic Shapes

The next step was to move the frames over to People’s Insulation for the foam in order to create a carveable surface.

Carving Stage

Ron Stacy then came to work with Steve to complete the carving of the end shape to look like the concept created by Robert Inwood. Once carving was complete the structures went to Elite Fibreglass for their next coat.

Fiberglass skin

After some final sanding and shaping, the signs were ready for paint – 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of base color followed by multiple coats of shading and final touches.
Once the main forms were complete, it was time to install the Daktronics digital display units and the pinned aluminum lettering that would guide people through Summerland. Accent lighting was also added at this stage. Then the monuments were loaded onto a trailer and installed.


We would like to thank the District of Summerland for giving us the opportunity to work with them on this project. We would also like to thank Robert Inwood, Ron Stacy, Elite Fibreglass, People’s Insulation and Edge Truck & Crane. Thank you also to the Summerland RCMP for helping with a cable line that was too low holding up the installation.

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