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We use 3M graphics & signage such as vinyl films, vinyl wraps and DI-NOC films, from the extensive architectural design and film portfolio of 3M solutions and products because the 3M brand allows us to get our projects closer to our clients goals.

We use these flexible vinyl graphic products and solutions to help our clients promote their brands in unique spaces. From the expected, such as vehicle wraps and mobile window advertising to the totally unexpected such as reception cabinetry, windows, walls, ceilings and floors. The 3M architectural product line allows us to create unique opportunities for clients who think outside of the typical branding and signage box.

We do a lot of car wraps for our customers and we wouldn’t think of using anything other than 3M vinyl film wrap for some of the high end machines that come through our doors. Our customers want their brand to shine through on their vehicle wrap and vehicle graphics and nothing works better than 3M to accomplish their visibility goals.

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Vinyl car wraps are used to create moving billboards that are sure to catch the eye of everyone on and off the road. Working with 3M vinyl film wrap allows our graphic design department the utmost flexibility when translating our customers brand on everything from luxury motor coaches to an entire fleet of smart cars. 3M car graphics are the best products to work with and cover windows, tailgates, sunroofs and more seamlessly.

When we have customers who are looking for something different and exceptional we always recommend architectural films and DI-NOC™ films from the 3M architectural design product lineup.

DINOC floor graphics

Architectural films allow you to turn any interior or exterior surface into a branded experience for your customers. We can cover walls, doors, windows, ceilings and even floors using architectural film. What once was plain drywall can be instantly transformed into a sculpted masterpiece using this design technique. Gone are the days where clients would have to spend hundreds of thousands on expensive wood, stone or metal columns. We can now create and simulate the same look and feel as the high end finishes using DI-NOC™ graphics.

Customers and patrons don’t notice the difference between architectural film and the real thing until they get right up close to touch and feel it for themselves. This heavy duty vinyl product is scratch resistant and incredibly durable. It is designed for everyday use in high traffic areas such as office spaces, hotels, lobbies and is even used for residential solutions! This creative new surface is also an incredibly easy to clean surface. Commercial customers love the low maintenance that is required to keep their spaces looking fresh and tidy.

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The range of patterns available for DI-NOC™ is also extensive and incredible. There are over 900 patterns and finishes available to choose from in the interior lineup alone! You’re sure to find the exact shade, pattern and surface style that you’re after from this transformative graphic solution. We can also use DI-NOC™ products in both exterior and interior projects, so customers do not have to feel limited to interior projects. You can easily extend your brand to the outside of your storefront or space to create a seamless look and immersive experience for your customers. Our clients have also come to love the literal flexibility of architectural vinyl film. Customers are happy to hear that architectural vinyl can smoothly cover curved walls and other previously hard to cover surfaces in a cinch.

Using architectural vinyl also allows you to cut down significantly on labour expenses and unnecessary waste that is typical with natural materials and installations. We can estimate exactly how much vinyl product that you will need to cover your floors, walls and other chosen surfaces and because vinyl is fast and easy to install you won’t have to spend thousands on labour.

Our customers are using this crafty vinyl film wrap more and more in their commercial renovation projects. They are seeing the savings roll in on projects like offices, retail spaces and high traffic pedestrian areas. Where you would once have to rip out an entire wall and replace it with high end wood, stone or metal to achieve an elevated look you can now recover these dated problem areas in a matter of hours using 3M vinyl film wraps.

Another customer favorite is the DI-NOC™ whiteboard film. Imagine a creative marketing office or meeting room that is designed around collaboration. The showstopper is an entire wall covered in this super lightweight and erasable polyester surface that uses standard whiteboard markers. It’s an affordable way to make a big impact on your entire team while helping to increase productivity! This is definitely a great way to make a big statement in an otherwise uninspired office environment.

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You can use architectural film on windows to create window graphics that draw customers in and you can even place DI-NOC™ film graphics on the floor to guide clients in the right direction. Wall wraps with vinyl film wraps are commonly used architectural design elements to call attention to promotions, products or just a fun way to express your brand in a catchy way.

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All of the 3M architectural design products allow customers to get immersed in the custom branded experience you have created for them. If you’re interested in transforming your commercial space on the inside or outside then you should consider using this exciting vinyl finishing option to save time and money. The range of finishes will allow you to create any look you desire for your space at a fraction of the cost of natural materials, while allowing your retail and commercial space to remain fresh and current by today’s design standards.

With over 900 interior patterns and 24 easily removable exterior patterns of life like vinyl coverings to choose from you could literally transform your commercial space daily. That’s why customers are turning to this innovative new vinyl film product to update, renovate and transform their commercial and residential design projects.

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