Did you know?

76% of purchase decisions are made in store.

Interior business signage is a sure fire way to impress your clientele in Kelowna.  Signage on it’s own helps in so many key areas. When used inside your store, interior business signage will give customers a multitude of helpful queues. Wayfinding will allow you to show customers where to enter, how to line up and most importantly where to pay!  Smart businesses also use interior business signage to convey promotional messaging. It’s also a fantastic way to reinforce your brand identity to customers. Your business does not have to be a national franchise to incorporate this philosophy!


Signage doesn’t stop at the outside of your business. Let our Kelowna sign company brand inside your office with eye catching brushed aluminum letters, dimensional logos, digitally printed graphics, brass plaques and more. SignCraft can make your interior pop with custom branded signage.  Interior signage will leave your customers impressed with your attention to detail.  Don’t leave any surface untouched. SignCraft can help you to spruce up your office walls, windows, floors and even ceilings!  Everything is fair game for displaying your company logo and message loud and clear. We have lots of great ideas and would welcome the opportunity to share them with you.

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