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Vehicle wraps, full or partial, are high impact billboards that follow you wherever you go. We’ll help you get the best exposure for your brand image.

Every wrap starts with an amazing design. Our team of designers is ready to start from scratch or work with your existing design to create a high impact, mobile billboard.

From the design and branding consultation to the finished product, you can be assured that our work will be professional and effective.


Every year, more companies choose to advertise themselves with a vehicle wrap because it is the most cost-efficient and durable publicity available. While other types of advertisement only last days or weeks, vehicle wraps last for years. Giving prime visibility wherever the vehicle goes, wraps readily reach target customers quickly.













First you need to provide us with some information about your project and your company. The more info, the better!

We’ll need to know:

  • Make, year and model of your vehicle(s) and photos of the vehicle from the front, back and sides.

  • What information you’d like to promote; this will typically be the company name, address, telephone number, website, etc.
  • If you have a logo we’ll need the original file.
  • If you’d like pictures or illustrations to be a part of the design we’ll need hi-res copies of those files. If you don’t have them, we can re-create them.
  • After meeting to discuss this, our team of graphic designers will prepare preliminary layouts and pricing for your approval.

    Once the design is approved we will schedule the production and install. When you come to pick it up we will give you some tips on care and maintenance.



A vehicle wrap is a printed or coloured large-format vinyl decal that covers your vehicle, completely or partially. You can use it to customize your vehicle or for advertising.

Cars, trucks, boats, planes, motorcycles, golf carts; we can wrap everything.

A fully wrapped commercial vehicle is, by far, the most effective advertising that exists. A commercial wrap is essentially a mobile billboard to market your brand and message. It is a one-time advertising expense that will generate thousands of impressions per day, 24/7, for years to come.

In addition to the advertising benefits, vinyl wraps protect the original paint on your vehicle against chips, minor scratches and sun damage. Once removed, wraps will reveal a scratch-free surface that will increase the resale value of your vehicle. Wraps are also the perfect solution for leased vehicles.


The 3M vehicle wrapping materials we use are digitally printable for complete customised vehicle wrapping. For vehicle colour changes, you can choose from a large selection of over 80+ colours and textures. Our coloured vinyl wrap finishes include matte (a non-reflective finish), satin (a slight shine), gloss (a wet look) as well as carbon fiber and brushed metal textured finishes.

We use Avery and 3M brand materials.

No. We offer partial vinyl wraps as well as die-cut graphics.

Yes. Perforated window graphics are typically installed on the rear or side windows of a vehicle. This allows the design to flow on the vehicle. They allow the drivers to see out but block people from seeing in.

Yes, we love to work with design teams to create an effective advertising campaign. If you already have your marketing material and logos, we can work with it. If not, our experienced graphic designers are happy to help.


Once the design has been finalized and approved, we need three to four days for the complete printing process. Then, most vehicles can be wrapped in one business day.

Every vehicle and every project is unique. Cost depends on a number of factors, including the amount of square footage to be wrapped, the complexity of the preparation and installation, whether or not wrap design is required, etc. Costs range from a few hundred dollars for stripes to a few thousand for a complete full wrap. Contact Us today for a free estimate on your vinyl vehicle wrap. We have a variety of materials that will suit any budget.


Not at all. In fact, the vinyl serves as a protective layer over the paint.

Yes, a vehicle wrap is completely removable, leaving little or no adhesive residue. We recommend that the removal be done by a trained professional, but you can do it yourself if you choose.

We generally avoid wrapping vehicles with rust. Vinyl has to adhere to the paint surface and therefore, paint must be secure on the vehicle. If you have concerns about your vehicle’s suitability for wrapping, come by and see us.

No, the film will not stick to body filler. An epoxy primer/sealer, OEM vehicle paint and/or clear coat must be applied over the auto repair filler and the finish must be allowed to cure for the period of time specified by the manufacturer before applying film.


Typically, wraps will last anywhere from five to seven years. The lifespan of your vehicle wrap will depend on the quality of the vinyl and installation, the surface to which it is applied and the care given to maintenance

Please wait two days after your vehicle has been wrapped before washing it. Then, yes, hand wash your vehicle regularly. A word of caution: high pressure hand held washers and car washes can damage the wrap and will cancel the warranty.

Properly laminated vehicle graphics provide the best protection against the sun’s UV rays. We use the highest quality 3M and Avery wrap materials.

We are also pleased to offer a one-year warranty on installation, provided the vehicle has been properly maintained.


When you provide the files for the production, partial or total, please take into account the specifications required for your project in order to ensure the best possible quality. It is preferable that any project is provided in the vector format CMYK for the best quality printing.

Requirements for elements to be incorporated in the design

The logos must be provided in vector format ( .AI or .EPS) in CMYK. Any logo that is not provided this way will be reproduced and will be subject to additional charges for graphic design.

The images and photos must be provided in the highest possible resolution.

The fonts must always be outlined or be provided with the file.

Printing in CMYK does not allow a perfect equivalence of colors. If a specific color is required, please provide the equivalent PMS (Pantone Matching System)

Requirements for Vehicle Wraps files

File Types to provide: .AI / .PDF / .EPS / .TIF / .PSD

CMYK files at 150 DPI in actual final dimensions Or the resolution proportional to the percentage of reduction. We can print up to 1440 DPI. (Ex: file 50% of the final size@ 300 DPI / file 25% of the final size@ 600 DPI)

Always provide a file with a bleed of at least 8 inches on each side to ensure a complete coverage of all parts of the vehicle.

We are always available to answer your technical questions relating to your project. If you have other questions, please Contact Us.


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