led replacementTraditional lighting in the form of incandescent bulbs and otherwise, are starting to be a thing of the past. If you’re looking to save on cost in the long-run and make a more environmentally friendly switch, LED Replacement is a service for you. There are so many benefits of using LEDs in your signage! From a lower long-term cost, to reducing your carbon footprint, it’s really a no brainer. Join us in going green and follow along to learn about all the perks of LED use. 

What is an LED?

led replacement bulbsAn LED or Light Emitting Diode, is a semiconductor device that emits light when an electric current passes through it. They are extremely energy efficient in comparison to regular incandescent bulbs, which use only 5% of their energy to produce light and the rest is wasted in heat energy. 

There are two basic types of LEDs, a high-powered LED and a low-powered LED. Low-powered LEDs are used more commonly in homes and small devices, whereas high-powered LEDs are usually seen in a commercial setting. This would include signage, traffic lighting, outdoor lighting, automotive lighting and others. 

Cost and Environmentally Friendly.

signcraft earth dayThe cost of LEDs reflects their long-time use and earth friendliness. LEDs produce their light in a specific direction, minimizing the need for parts like diffusers and reflectors. In turn, this reduces the amount of light trapped in such devices. These lights also have little to no heat emission, which means more energy is being converted into light instead of heat. Over the span of 25 years a person who chooses LEDs will spend $42 for one bulb and a person who chooses incandescent lighting will spend around $393 for the same amount of light produced over 25 years. The energy efficiency of these bulbs help contribute to a greener, happier planet. With less power used, comes less greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. Sounds like a win-win to us! At SignCraft we offer select LED Replacement services to help you save money and the environment.

They’re Durable.

ledLED technology is long lasting and durable. Different to other lighting methods, LEDs are resilient to breakage and vibrations making their life-span even longer. This is due to them being manufactured with a metal semiconductor and having no filament to break, which adds to their durability. They are also able to conduct well in cold temperatures, which is especially great for an Okanagan winter. Contrary to traditional bulbs, an LEDs lifetime is unaffected by turning them on and off. 

Colourful, Safe, and Instantly Bright!

bulbsThe use of LEDs allows for safe lighting that doesn’t amass a ton of heat energy. Since LEDs produce little to no heat, they are safer to the touch and reduce the risk of any heat related risks that could incur. Possible hazards could include fires and burns – all avoidable with the application of LED lighting. Through the use of various materials, LEDs are able to form light of all colours. This is because the material allows photon production at a multitude of wavelengths, thereby generating light of differing colours.

Therefore, you will no longer need to lose light output using filters to achieve coloured lighting. In addition to these perks, LEDs don’t require time to warm up before they reach maximum brightness. Once turned on, they are instantly bright and ready to illuminate your signage – or whatever it is you need lit up. By switching to LEDs you can get the colour, safety, and brightness you’ve always wanted from your lighting. 

LED Replacement is the perfect solution to all of your problems, with so many great advantages it’s hard to see why you’d stick with traditional lighting. At SignCraft, we are dedicated to helping you make the switch ;) Contact us today to get started on replacing your traditional lighting with LEDs today! You can check out our page on LED retrofitting for more information and examples of signs we’ve done in the past.

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