DIY Kelowna Sign Maintenance Tips for Summer

Signage is important in any business’s marketing strategy. Signs provide a first impression of your brand, a glimpse into your office/storefront and signal to customers what your business is all about. In order to make a great impression on passersby and returning clients, it’s important that your sign looks its best. For outdoor signage specifically, maintenance is a key part of making sure that your sign accurately reflects

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Now Hiring! Graphic Vinyl Installers – Full-Time

NOW HIRING! Full Time - Graphic Vinyl Installers Signcraft is looking to add graphic vinyl installers to our team. Experience with Avery and 3M vinyl graphic films will be considered an asset. Preference will be given to those who have specific Avery or 3M training and/or a minimum of 3 years sign industry specific experience. Application of all types of vinyl films, Translucent, Opaque, Interior, Exterior, Perforated,

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Kelowna Signage Company: Why Are Printed Signs Still Important in a Digital World?

Sign printing has long been an effective and important form of marketing for businesses. Since Ancient Rome, signage has been used to draw the attention of the public and provide valuable information. In today’s digital age, you may question the relevance of printed signs. Especially, given the advent of technologically advanced digital signs that are capable of displaying interactive graphics. Despite popular assumptions, printed signs still have their

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Let’s Talk 2024 Sign Trends!

2024 SIGN TRENDS FROM A SIGN COMPANY IN KELOWNA! As we move into 2024, it’s important to look at this year’s signage trends. In 2024, signage is no longer a simple means to communicate information; it is changing shape and evolving into a powerful marketing, branding, interactivity, and design tool. If you plan on getting a new sign this year, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog

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Why Hire a Professional for Signage Installation in Kelowna?

Signage installation is an often overlooked part of the signage industry. Many clients will get caught up in the design phase of the custom sign process, only to forget about installation. To have the most professional look for you and your business, it’s important to find a company that specializes in sign installation! A high-quality installation can make a difference in how long your sign lasts, the way

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Looking Back on Our Kelowna Signage Blog: A 2023 Recap

Over the last eleven months, we’ve written several different blog articles about signs. These articles cover all sorts of information like Kelowna signage trends, choosing the right material, and so much more! We wrote tons of informational posts over the year so that everyone stayed in the loop about signs and lighting. To complete this year’s content, we decided to make our last post of 2023 a recap

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Why Invest in Kelowna Holiday Signage?

During the holiday season, many Kelowna businesses look to capitalize on consumer culture. For retailers, Christmastime is one of the most profitable quarters of the year. With holiday deals and specials, buyers are undoubtedly motivated to shop. But, with so many interested buyers, how can you be certain to make the most out of 2023’s holiday buzz? One way is by investing in Kelowna holiday signs. Signage is

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The Benefits of Interior & Reception Signage in Kelowna

Reception signage in Kelowna is a great way to enhance the customer experience. As a business owner, you know the importance of your customers. Making sure that their experience is the best it can be is essential. Not only this, but reception signs also offer a chance for your business to showcase its identity. Interior reception signs play an important role in your company, as they are often

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6 Kelowna Small Business Signage Strategies for Success!

Kelowna small business signage is a great way to draw attention to your establishment. With the right sign, your business can flourish! However, simply putting up a sign won’t yield the most effective results. Instead, you need to think about key details like aesthetics, brand messaging, and placement. As a small business owner, it is crucial that you consider how these factors can impact your business. To help

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6 Tips for Designing Effective Vehicle Wraps in Kelowna

Vehicle wraps are an effective way to draw attention to your business and attract new customers. Not only this, but they are also a great strategy for enhancing your company’s consumer reception. However, these facts only ring true for well-designed wraps. So, what’s the secret to creating a successful vehicle wrap? To that, we say simplicity. Many businesses overthink their vehicle wraps which leads to confusing and chaotic

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