Signage installation is an often overlooked part of the signage industry. Many clients will get caught up in the design phase of the custom sign process, only to forget about installation. To have the most professional look for you and your business, it’s important to find a company that specializes in sign installation! A high-quality installation can make a difference in how long your sign lasts, the way your sign looks, and how often it needs to be maintained. To help you understand why you should consider hiring a professional for signage installation in Kelowna, we listed a few key points. Follow along below to learn more!

Reasons to Find an Expert for Signage Installation in Kelowna

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While business owners can install vinyl decals, banners, and other smaller signs, it’s important to leave larger signs like storefronts, awnings, or monument signs for professionals. Here’s why:

Hiring an experienced signage professional to install your sign will positively impact your brand identity. After all, your sign is a visual representation of your business. To make the most positive impression on your customers, a quality installation is required. Poorly installed signage can convey to customers a sense of distrust and lack of credibility. To avoid this, make sure that you hire an expert to complete your signage installation. 

Another reason to hire a pro is to make sure that your sign is in the best place to be viewed. For signage to be effective, it needs to be strategically positioned. This way, passersby will be able to easily locate your business. One of the best ways to ensure your sign’s accessibility and visibility is to hire a professional for the installation process. Signage installation companies have plenty of experience dealing with obstructions to visibility and finding consequent solutions. If you are putting up a sign in a tricky spot, we recommend hiring the help of an expert. 

Besides brand identity and visibility, an experienced sign installation team will ensure that your sign complies with local regulations. The last thing you want after putting up your sign is to be told it has to come down because it violates city guidelines. Kelowna has many restrictions about the size, placement and illumination of signs in particular areas. Working with a professional signage installer like SignCraft can help you meet these requirements. Thus, ensuring that you avoid fines, loss of time and money, and/or forced removal of the sign. 

Why else hire a professional to install your business sign?

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If you’re still not convinced that you need to hire a professional to install your business sign, let us highlight a few additional reasons. For instance, technical expertise and specialized equipment. Installing signage is a highly technical process that requires a unique set of skills. Depending on the type of sign being installed, different installation techniques may be required. To provide an example, a freestanding sign will have a much different installation process than a mounted sign. Professional installers must know how to work with these various types of signs, their materials, and their load-bearing capacity. 

In addition to this, installing signs requires special equipment. Especially, if the sign is going to be mounted up high. Articulated boom lifts, bucket trucks, and scaffolding are some of the more uncommon types of equipment that signage companies often rely on to mount signs in hard-to-reach places. Signage installation experts must also know how to operate this kind of equipment safely and swiftly. For the average business owner, renting and operating these machines is often not possible due to monetary or skills constraints. In these cases, it is always best to rely on the help of an experienced signage technician. 

Finally, while many businesses may rationalize the DIY solution to minimize cost, the long-term benefits of professional installation often outweigh the initial savings. This is because most DIY installations do not account for the finer details. For instance, professional installers can assess the site, provide suggestions for placement, and offer solutions to fit with the business’s budget. Not to mention, a professional will be able to understand the environmental challenges that outdoor signs face, like weather and exposure to sunlight. To mitigate risks from these factors, they can use special materials and techniques to protect your investment. 

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There are so many reasons to hire an expert for your signage installation. If you have any questions about getting signage in Kelowna for your business don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d be happy to help you get started with designing your sign! To learn more about what material is right for your needs or to receive a quote, contact us at SignCraft today. We look forward to helping you achieve your signage goals. For more information, check out our social media page, and feel free to call us at any time!