Sign printing has long been an effective and important form of marketing for businesses. Since Ancient Rome, signage has been used to draw the attention of the public and provide valuable information. In today’s digital age, you may question the relevance of printed signs. Especially, given the advent of technologically advanced digital signs that are capable of displaying interactive graphics. Despite popular assumptions, printed signs still have their place in marketing. To give you a better understanding of why this is, our Kelowna signage company is going to give you the lowdown on the importance of analogue signs. Follow along below to learn more. 

Why Are Printed Signs Still Relevant?

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With the advent of social media and high-tech digital signs, printed signs can sometimes take a backseat in marketing campaigns. However, contrary to what some might assume, printed advertising remains critical in several business situations. Whether you want to build brand recognition or ensure a positive customer experience. One of the main ways that printed signs can help your business is by increasing visibility. In some situations, digital signage is not as effective as printed signage. For example, in high-traffic areas where a screen may not be as feasible or noticeable as its printed counterpart. Or, for wayfinding. 

Another critical upside of printed signs is that they are much more accessible. In Canada, there remains a large percentage of the population who are not digitally literate. In fact, according to Statistics Canada, 24% of the nation would consider themselves to be non-users or basic users when it comes to digital tools. Furthermore, 20% would consider themselves intermediate users. These numbers indicate a gap in digital literacy that is important to recognize in marketing efforts. When designing signage or advertisements it’s important that you reach the breadth of your target market. In some cases, a digital sign may not be the best way to do so as it could be unfamiliar for those with minimal digital skills. 

Durability is also a key factor that makes printed signage advantageous to digital signage. Printed signs can be far easier to maintain than digital signs for this very reason. Moreover, printed signs are often better suited for all weather conditions like heat, snow and rain making them ideal for outdoor marketing. This durability ensures that the message of your sign remains effective in all conditions. 

Kelowna Signage Company Goes Over the Benefits of Printed Signs

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If you’re still not convinced that you need printed signs, perhaps the cost will win you over. In most cases, digital signs cost far more than printed signs. The initial cost of digital signage, along with the labour of programming and maintaining them, can quickly escalate the total price of a digital sign. On the other hand, a printed sign is much more budget-friendly and there remain plenty of ways to customize your sign so that it fits your brand. With a printed sign, you won’t need to factor in paying for the extra electricity that your digital sign will undoubtedly drain. 

Furthermore, printed signs are ideal for places where you want to display a permanent message. For example, storefront signage to indicate your business name, the title of a building, wayfinding signs or a public notice. Anything that is unlikely to change is more effectively conveyed through the use of printed signs. Similar to this, signs that are only going to be up for a short period of time are also a good fit for print. For instance, election campaign signs, real estate for sale signs, and sandwich boards. 

Finally, sign printing offers a great way to target your local community. While printed advertisements might not be effective for a business trying to gain national or international attention, they are certainly effective in generating local buzz. To provide an example, consider a local coffee shop that’s trying to gain momentum in the city. They can use banners, storefront signage, and sandwich boards to help convey their brand identity to passersby and attract new customers.  

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