Over the last eleven months, we’ve written several different blog articles about signs. These articles cover all sorts of information like Kelowna signage trends, choosing the right material, and so much more! We wrote tons of informational posts over the year so that everyone stayed in the loop about signs and lighting. To complete this year’s content, we decided to make our last post of 2023 a recap of the blog articles from the year. This way, you can catch up on any missed blog posts before the New Year. Follow along below for more information.

Winter and Spring Blog Articles From 2023

Jan – Commercial Sign Shop in Kelowna: 2023 Trends!

Signs provide consumers with comfort and a sense of direction when they are in new environments. At the beginning of the year, our commercial sign shop in Kelowna took it upon ourselves to outline some of the biggest signage trends predicted for the new year! 

Feb –  When & Why You Need Sign Repair in Kelowna

Is your sign looking a little drab? Do the lights not shine like they used to? Is the paint faded? In this article, we discussed some of the tells that you need sign repair in Kelowna. We also went over some of the reasons why sign maintenance is important. 

Mar – How Can Outdoor Signs Kelowna Help Grow Your Business?

As a local business in Kelowna, it is important to have good advertising to help differentiate your business from competitors. In this post, we wrote about some of the reasons that an outdoor sign can help grow your business. 

Apr – Kelowna Signs for Your Yard!

Are you in need of a way to promote a Kelowna event, business, or political campaign in 2024? Our suggestion for you is to begin with a yard sign! If you’re interested in getting a yard sign made by our company, check out this April blog post!

May – Kelowna Sign Design: The Psychology of Colour

Colour plays an impactful role in the way that we feel. So, it should come as no surprise that colour is an important thing to consider when designing your own Kelowna sign.

In this article, we delve into the importance of colour to your signage and how to choose the best colour for your brand.

Rewind to Summer and Fall on Our Kelowna Signage Blog

Kelowna small business sign

Jun – Benefits of Using LED Signs Kelowna

Over the last few years, more and more businesses have been using LED signs in Kelowna to help them stand out from the competition. In this article, we went over all of the benefits of using LED signs in Kelowna. 

Jul – Signage Shop in Kelowna Tells You How to Choose the Right Material for Your Sign

Choosing the right material for your signage is an important decision. In this post, we listed a number of considerations to make when choosing the material for your signage. As well as, some pros and cons to popular materials.

Aug – Tips for Designing Effective Vehicle Wraps in Kelowna

If you’re looking to get a vehicle wrap for your company car, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of designing an effective wrap. In this article, we discussed six key rules for designing a successful vehicle wrap in Kelowna.

Sept – 6 Kelowna Small Business Signage Strategies for Success!

Kelowna small business signage is a great way to draw attention to your establishment. To help you out, we compiled a list of six different strategies to ensure you get the most out of your signage!

Oct – The Benefits of Interior & Reception Signage in Kelowna

Interior reception signs play an important role in your company, as they are often the first visual touchpoint the consumer sees. In this article, we go over some ways that you can better your business with interior and reception signage.

Nov – Why Invest in Kelowna Holiday Signage?

During the holiday season, many Kelowna businesses look to capitalize on consumer culture. But, with so many interested buyers, how can you be certain to make the most out of 2023’s holiday buzz? In this article, we answer this question and provide some reasons to invest in holiday signage!

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