Choosing the right material for your signage is an important decision. Whether you are designing an indoor or outdoor sign, the material can make a big difference in the appearance of your sign. Furthermore, choosing the right material is especially important when dealing with outdoor signage. If you’ve never worked with anyone to build a sign before, we are here to help. Below we’ve listed a number of considerations to make when choosing the material for your signage. As well as, some pros and cons of popular materials. Continue reading below for more information from our experts at your signage shop in Kelowna!

What to Consider Before Choosing a Material?

  • Is Your Sign Going to be Indoors or Outdoors?

Before making any decisions about materials, you first need to determine where your sign will be located. If you are designing an indoor sign there are a few fewer considerations to make than when designing a sign for the outdoors. For instance, outdoor signs need to be designed to withstand the climate and remain visible at all times. This is different from indoor signs which don’t experience the same wear and tear as outdoor signs. 

  • How Long Will Your Sign Be Up?

You’ll also want to consider how long your sign will be up and when you intend on having to replace it. Different materials last different amounts of time. So, if you are designing a sign that is only going to be used temporarily, choose something that is inexpensive. On the other hand, if you need your sign to last for a few years, then you’ll want to find a material that is more durable. 

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

Many people neglect to factor in cleaning and maintenance when choosing a material for their sign. However, this is an important item to note. Depending on where your sign is located, sign maintenance can be difficult. If you have a sign in a hard-to-reach area, you’ll want to choose a material that isn’t going to need constant cleaning and maintenance. Think about how things like water, snow, dirt, and ice will impact the look of your sign. 

  • Budget

Lastly, before you can make any choices about the material, you need to nail down your budget. The material you choose should fit within this price range. When choosing a material you need to make sure that you have a good balance between price and quality. 


Signage Shop in Kelowna: Pros & Cons of Popular Materials

  • Aluminum

Aluminum signs have long been the industry standard for most signage needs. This material is durable, lightweight, and doesn’t rust. Those who choose aluminum signs have the option to engrave or stamp the material. In addition, aluminum signs come in many different colours and grades of reflectiveness. Aluminum signs can be used both indoors and outdoors. It should be noted that aluminum signs are more expensive than most other materials and can warp over time. This material is also quite heavy.

  • Acrylic

Acrylic signs are easy to fabricate and very strong. Additionally, most acrylic sign owners would agree that the material is a breeze to clean and maintain. Acrylic is extremely durable and can withstand most weather conditions that are common in the Okanagan. This is especially true since acrylic has the benefit of being UV resistant! You can use acrylic both indoors and outdoors for a relatively inexpensive price. 

  • ACM 

Aluminum Composite Material or ACM is a composite material that is made from two sheets of aluminum that are bonded to a polyethylene core. This material will not warp, weighs 50% less than regular aluminum, and is easy to cut into shapes. Unfortunately, this material is not very bendable and edges on the pricier side. 

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