Kelowna sign,sign companies Kelowna,sign shop KelownaStarting a business is a thrilling time for an entrepreneur. Nothing is perhaps more fun when you’re in startup mode than selecting the mediums to advertise and promote your new Kelowna business to the masses.

Whether you’re in tech, agriculture, food service, or something in between, the messaging might be slightly different, but the ways in which we attract customers are very similar. Start-ups by default tend to have tight budgets. There are a lot of things to spend money on from office interiors (we can help here too!) to computer hardware and all the pens, paper clips and accounting software you can shake a stick at.

When it comes time to draw in the crowds how much of your budget should you allocate to each medium and if you have to cut items, which ones can you do without until you get some legit sales through the door? The struggle is real. Let’s examine the best bang for your start up budget and what Signcraft can do to get you on the right side of the road to startup success!

signs Kelowna,Kelowna sign company,Kelowna signsFirst impressions count! Your logo is the most important branding and marketing item that your business needs

X marks the spot and solving for X should always come first in your startup business marketing plan. What is X? It’s your business, your brand, your logo, mark, emblem. Whatever you call it, it’s what visually defines your business and as they say – first impressions count!

Signcraft designs logos for all types of local businesses. From classic and contemporary to modern and clean we can develop a great logo with major impact to represent your business for years to come! Leaving your logo design to Signcraft will ensure you get all the right file formats that are required for the next marketing phases of your plan such as signage, business cards and other print based materials.

Logos are an imperative marketing choice for new businesses and this is one item that you simply can’t do without. Bring in those napkin sketches and all your doodles and let’s get brainstorming together for a lasting mark that will leave a lasting first impression on the community and your future customers.

signs Kelowna,Kelowna sign company,Kelowna signsThe way of the future or thing of the past? How to make a business card work for your startup.

You can’t really have a conversation with a potential business partner or customer and feel good about it without a personal call to action or as we call it in marketing a leave behind. Rather than getting out a pen and paper and writing down a website address or physical address, it’s always advised to have some business cards on hand that you can leave behind. It’s a subtle and accepted method to easily promote your business in both casual and business settings. It’s also a great way to jog someone’s memory long after your conversation at the meet and greet has concluded.

Signcraft can help you design and print business cards. From rounded corners to specialty die cuts we can design and print business cards that will spell out who you are, what you do and most importantly how and when to contact you for future business! If you want something easy and conventional to leave behind then some sharp looking business cards are a necessity your startup can’t live without!

Kelowna sign,sign companies Kelowna,sign shop KelownaThat’s new! Let’s check it out!

The title above is exactly the reaction you want to have when people are walking by your new business location. BUT how do you solicit this reaction? It’s simple. With a brand spanking new commercial sign courtesy of Signcraft. Street signage is perhaps one of the best, most impactful ways to market to potential customers. It lets people know who you are, what you sell and leaves a lasting impression long after someone has left the curb out front. In order to grow your startup business into a full fledged money machine, you need to continually attract customers to spend money. There is no better way to attract new customers and impulse shoppers than with a clever sign.

Signcraft can help you to establish the design, placement and appropriate size of your new commercial startup business sign. We can help draw in the night life with energy efficient lighting and we can ensure that your sign will get noticed day or night!

parking signs Kelowna,led signs Kelowna,neon signs KelownaLet’s take this show on the road!

Ahhh the life of a new entrepreneur well traveled and no sleep could sum it up quite nicely. If you have a tech, food service or other service based business then chances are you will be traveling around to some far off locales for industry trade shows. After all, if the customers can’t get to you, then you need to get to them. In order to prepare for busy tradeshow travels you will need to have a few key pieces to put your best foot forward. Trade show budgets can add up quickly, but if you can afford the entry fees and the travel costs to get there, then they can be well worth the expenditure in sales potential.

Signcraft can get you tradeshow ready in a flash with one or two zap banner stands to bolster your trade show appearance. Using a stand up display will cut down on your potential show shipping costs (some can even pack into your luggage) , while providing a professional way to draw customers into your booth. The added benefit to banner stand marketing is that you can also use them locally in your office or out and about at local community events. They are a flexible, inexpensive marketing piece, great for businesses of all types.

What other types of print marketing can you think of that are integral to a startup business in Kelowna? We would love to hear more ideas from you. Leave us a comment and let’s keep this conversation going. If you know of any new startups gearing up to get out of the gates here in Kelowna, please send them our way to discuss the ins and outs of commercial startup signage!