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Parking Lot Pole Light Repair

It’s 2021 and what better way to welcome back local customers to your Kelowna business, than with a well lit parking lot! Believe it or not, your parking lot says a lot about your business. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t know where to turn when the lights go out. That’s why Signcraft wants to ensure that when it comes to brightening up the way to your business frontage, you need to give us a call!

Read along as we review why it’s always a good idea to keep your parking lot brightly lit. We’ll review safety, equipment and costs because these are all important factors to achieve a successful parking lot pole light repair.

Safety First!

Safety is the main reason most Kelowna businesses look to Signcraft for parking lot pole light repair services. Great business owners understand that having a well lit parking area is imperative to maintaining their return customer base. Research has shown that parking lots can be a hotspot for violent criminals to take advantage of. While they offer convenience for customers, they are also more frequently the scene for vehicular theft, property theft and even collisions. Thankfully we tend to know which parking lots to avoid as customers. Dimly lit or not lit at all is often the first indication that a parking lot might not be worth a visit.

The first thing we encourage you to do as a business owner is to visit your storefront on a regular basis in the dark. Pretending like you’re a customer is the best way to see your business through their eyes. Your lighting plan should ensure that all vehicular and pedestrian paths are well illuminated. However, you can’t stop there. Since criminals like to lurk in the shadows you need to also make sure that the areas beyond parking and driving are also brightened. These are the areas we find to be commonly overlooked in some parking lots in Kelowna:

  • Exterior entrances and exits of parking structures
  • Stairwells
  • Elevator terminals
  • Garbage and Recycling Spaces
  • Storage Lockers

In addition to having proper lighting in all of these spaces after dark, you should also consider daytime lighting and it’s unique benefits.

Parking Lot Pole Light Repair

Save Money with LED Replacement Lights!

There are many benefits to having a well lit parking area and it doesn’t have to cost you!. With highly efficient LED replacement lighting now readily available, Signcraft will save you money on electricity each month. Using LED lighting will also help with the frequency of maintenance, since these lights don’t burn out as quickly as a regular bulb. The money you save over time can quickly add up, because you won’t have to continually replace the new LED lighting. If your business is still using halogen bulbs in your outdoor lighting or signage, then let’s come up with a LED replacement plan. Especially if you’re already considering our parking lot pole light repair services!

Over time Signcraft can save you hundreds of dollars, which is fantastic for your pocketbook. Another great benefit to LED lighting is the benefit to our planet. Since LED bulbs consume less power per unit (lumen) of light emitted, LED’s reduce greenhouse emissions. Carbon dioxide emissions are also reduced. Greenhouse gas emissions are cut by almost half a ton from only one LED bulb.

In addition to making your parking area safer you’ll also save money! LED bulbs are a win-win!

Signcraft has the Equipment for a Successful Parking Lot Pole Light Repair in Kelowna

How many people does it take to change a lightbulb? Old joke, but it has new meaning when you consider trying to change your own parking lot pole light. That’s because pole lights can be anywhere between 8 and 50 feet tall.

Kelowna Signcraft uses bucket trucks to make the job more efficient. With a bucket truck we can cover more ground safely. The bucket truck allows our team to get up close to the light so that we can easily perform our maintenance and installation services such as:

  • Replacing burnt out lamps
  • Upgrading to replacement LED’s
  • Sealing and waterproofing units
  • Installing bird spikes
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Replacement for damaged units

With the right equipment and knowledge Signcraft can perform all of the above services cost effectively, competitively and efficiently.

If you want to upgrade your exterior lighting packages for your Kelowna business in 2021 then give us a call and let’s plan it together! We look forward to seeing your business bathing in LED lights this year!

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