Signs have been around long before our capitalist needs of promotion and advertisement. Some of the earliest indications of sign usage date back to the Paleolithic age A.K.A the Fred Flinstone era. Unlike us, our predecessors used signs to communicate with one another. Signs were used primarily as a means of survival. It was the first instance of information given in a written form. However, the paleolithic concept of signs is more connected with our use of written language. The true first instance of commercial signage as we know it today was believed to have been started by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Keep reading below as your favourite Kelowna sign shop goes through a brief history of signage!

Wait…Kelowna’s sign shop is Greek?

Yup. That’s right – kinda’. Almost everything we have today is based on the foundation the Greeks and Romans constructed. For instance, our concepts for architecture, showering, and the calendar. It comes as no surprise that signs were just another example of Greek genius. In the early days of commercial signs, people used them as a way to indicate religion. Eventually, their use expanded. Most men and women were illiterate during this time period. Signs were a way to communicate events and advertise stores. Greeks and Romans adopted this concept to ensure their community was informed. Although, it was also a way to promote their early idea of an economy. 

Signs in this era were made with stone or terracotta. Progressively, they became more detailed. People started using paint and wood carvings to make their signs stand out from others. Symbols that showed up regularly on signs like bushes to indicate taverns point to an early form of branding. The Romans’ need to have the best sign with the most recognizable icons shaped our concept of marketing.  

Kelowna sign shop goes from Greek to sleek.

Fast forward a few thousand years to the invention of electricity. In the 1800s electricity was being used to invent things like the lightbulb. Thus, changing the signage game forever. The electric lightbulb allowed shop owners and landlords the ability to advertise at all times of the day. And for the first time ever – at night! This vastly improved business for many owners as they were now able to catch people coming out of bars late at night. 

Technology only improved and continued to make it even easier to produce eye-catching signage. The invention of the neon tube and plastics made signs super easy to produce. Neon signs were a great way to draw attention to your storefront. Eventually, bright neon signs plagued the streets of the U.S. These loud colours and bright lights made it impossible for Americans to avoid the advertisements being broadcasted throughout the cities. Neon signs are great, but your Kelowna sign shop doesn’t do those kinds of things.

Signs are only getting better as technology advances. We now have the ability to program digital signs. This way your message stays true at every time of the year. Additionally, we have LED lights that significantly reduce the amount of energy used and money spent. There are so many reasons to invest in a sign. The Ancient Greek and Romans’ utilization of signs should only further convince you of their efficacy. 

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As you can see the history of signs is long and rich. In the grand scheme of things, our 40 years of experience is merely a blip in the history of signage ;) If you have any questions about getting a sign for your business don’t hesitate to reach out. To learn more about the best Kelowna sign shop or to receive a quote, contact us at SignCraft today. We look forward to helping you achieve your signage goals. For more information check out our social media page, and feel free to call us at any time!