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Signage Company in Kelowna – 2022 Blog Recap!

In 2022, we wrote several different blog articles about our signage company in Kelowna. These articles cover all sorts of information like signs for different businesses, sign trends, and so much more! We wrote tons of informational posts over the year so that everyone stayed in the loop about signs and lighting. To cap off December, we decided to make our last post of 2022 a recap of the

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Holiday Signage in Kelowna for the Winter!

Prepping for the holiday season is best done early. Especially, if you own a business. Nothing says holiday cheer like holiday signage in Kelowna. However, holiday signage can also let your customers know about seasonal deals, promotions, and events! Signage helps enhance the customer experience, informs your patrons, and keeps people safe. In this article, we will be going over the importance of having holiday signage for the winter

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Commercial Signage in Kelowna for Transportation

The transportation industry is a large sector of the economy. A healthy transit system helps people get from place to place during their day. In addition, having good signage is a key element of a successful transportation system. From wayfinding to timely updates and branding, signage certainly has its place within the transit industry. At SignCraft, we design all sorts of custom signage and vehicle wraps that can help

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Kelowna Commercial Signage For Education!

Schools are an essential part of the community dynamic. Educational facilities provide people with a wide range of opportunities. From sports to tutoring, schools provide students with much more than just an education. Proper signage within these spaces is crucial in order to keep students, faculty, and visitors safe and informed. At SignCraft, we can design custom signage for your school to ensure that you uphold a high standard

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Commercial Signage in Kelowna for Entertainment!

The entertainment industry would not be the same without vibrant signage and epic graphics. Signs provide a unique ambiance and persona to all forms of entertainment. Whether that be sporting events, concerts, charity events, or arts performances. There aren’t many forms of entertainment that can’t benefit from great signage. In fact, signs can help draw attention to the event at hand and add to the aesthetic appeal of the

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Healthcare Signs For Businesses in Kelowna.

When you think about signs for businesses in Kelowna, chances are you will picture a retail store or food chain. However, industries like healthcare require specific signage in and around their facilities. Healthcare signage is some of the most important out there. Without proper signage in a place like a hospital, things can quickly become chaotic. It is crucial that there is adequate signage in a hospital for a

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Kelowna Business Signs For Real Estate.

Business signs are an important part of any business's marketing strategy. Accurate signage helps customers discover your business and see what you’re about. In real estate, great signage can be the difference between selling a home and having it sit on the market forever. Whether you’re running an open house, listing a property for sale, or managing a brokerage, there’s always an opportunity for a great sign. If you

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Business Signs Kelowna For Retail Stores!

Having quality business signs Kelowna for your retail store is essential in generating leads. The right type of signage can draw in new customers and opportunities. Retail signage should be a top priority in your marketing plan. Whether you are a grocery store or a clothing boutique, signage is incredibly important. Follow along as we go through the importance of retail signage and the different types of signs you

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Kelowna Small Business Signs For Cafés

For owners of small businesses, investing in great signage can make a big impact on the success of your company. Signs say a lot about your business. They can offer a sneak peek into your brand and add to the overall look of your store. In this article, we will be focusing on types of signage for cafés. If you are looking for a new sign to make your

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Small Business Signs Kelowna: Landscaping and Construction

No matter what your small business is, having a great sign can help your company take off. From attracting customers and promoting your brand, to symbolizing your aesthetic, proper signage does it all. In this article, we are going to focus on specific types of signage that work well for landscaping and construction companies. Both industries do exceptionally well with the help of a good sign. If you are

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