Do you own a business in Kelowna and are thinking of switching your signs to use LED lights? Well you’d be making a very wise decision, and here’s why.

what are led signs?

LED signs derive from a string of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDS) spaced just far enough apart that the light source overlaps each other for a constant glow. LED’s are generally wrapped in their own special polymer jacket for protection which is lightweight and flexible. LED lighting is installed quickly behind the plastic faces of signs and Channel letters and uses low voltage for illumination.

What are the advantages of LED lights?

led signs kelownaLow Energy Consumption
LED lights are very eco-friendly and only use about 10 watts of power and are up to 80% less energy consumption than most conventional lighting products. This savings can be dramatic over a period of time.

Easy Installation
Can be mounted into most sign cans and channel letters providing a quick and easy system. This system conforms to the electrical codes with way less components and costs because of the low voltage. We can easily replace old existing neon components on site to revitilize existing signs and start saving you money.

led signs kelowna

LED lights have a very low maintenance record and are hard to break or smash, damage costs are greatly decreased.

Long life
LED lights have a very long lifespan, much more than neon or fluorescent lights, giving you about 100,000 hrs of usage, which is approximately 14 years if used for 18hrs per day.

In conclusion, if you’re thinking of making the switch to LED signs for your Kelowna business, contact us today and we’ll get you on your to making the best decision possible for your business.