Commercial Lighting Fixtures Kelowna Top Trends

In 2021 there have been many trends - including in the commercial lighting industry. People are making a push to go green and save energy this year. Lighting is becoming the centerpiece of commercial design. With more and more companies looking to implement transformative fixtures, there are now a variety of aspects to commercial lighting fixtures Kelowna. Join the movement for a greener, happier future with great commercial lighting

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This Kelowna Sign Company would like to wish you very Happy Holidays!

From all of us at Kelowna’s favourite sign company, here at Signcraft we would like to wish you the happiest of holidays! 2020 was one of the most challenging years in recent history, especially for some of our business customers. We all struggled to find our rhythm during the ongoing global pandemic. For ourselves, we quickly found ourselves adapting to the needs of our loyal customers. We were

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Are you thinking of converting your fluorescent sign to LED signage?

If you are thinking about changing your signage from fluorescent to LED lights, let us help you make this decision. There are many benefits to changing to LED lights, and we are going to list them all for you in this article. As business owners we understand that saving money is extremely important. Switching to LED lights for your signage can save you a lot of money, and

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Kelowna Signage trends for 2019

Well we are now half through 2019 and we have seen some changes in the trends of outdoor signage, but the year isn’t over yet. In this article we are going to discuss some of the signage trends of 2019, and why you should contact your local Kelowna sign company to discuss utilizing them. Textured Print With the emergence of large flatbed printers, sign companies are now able

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Why small business need to hire a sign company

When most small business first start up, the first thing they think of when it comes to marketing and promoting their business are things like newspaper ads, mail outs, flyers, etc. These methods can work but they are not the most cost effective solution when your budget is tight. If you want your small business to start gaining recognition immediately, then hiring a Kelowna sign company should be

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Best practices for indoor retail signage

Indoor signage and advertising is one of the most important things you can do inside your business. Your Kelowna signs are essentially one of your best salespeople you have, as the signs help your customers navigate your store and find the things they want easily without actually having to speak with a salesperson. When thinking about your store layout and where to place signage, there are specific things

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Job Posting: CNC Operator Sign Prep Worker

Position Title: CNC Operator Sign Prep Worker Location: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Duration: Full-time Salary: $15 per hour to start, benefits after 3 months. Opportunity for quick advancement. Signcraft provides a fast past paced, dynamic work environment. We are looking to add an efficient CNC Operator Sign Prep Worker to our growing team. Successful applicants will be responsible for all aspects of sign production including communication to sign requestors,

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Advantages of using LED signs for your Kelowna business

Do you own a business in Kelowna and are thinking of switching your signs to use LED lights? Well you'd be making a very wise decision, and here's why. what are led signs? LED signs derive from a string of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDS) spaced just far enough apart that the light source overlaps each other for a constant glow. LED's are generally wrapped in their own special

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Starting a New Business?

Statistics show that signs attract HALF of a start-up business' new customers. Is your new sign poised to generate that kind of business? Here are some key points to consider when researching signage for your new business. Budget: Starting off with a budget will not only help you with planning and forecasting, but it will also give your sign company a good place to start when suggesting ideas. So, what is my

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