Statistics show that signs attract HALF of a start-up business’ new customers. Is your new sign poised to generate that kind of business? Here are some key points to consider when researching signage for your new business.

Starting off with a budget will not only help you with planning and forecasting, but it will also give your sign company a good place to start when suggesting ideas. So, what is my budget, should always be your first consideration. Exterior signs can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on what look you want to achieve.

Signs can serve a number of purposes from simply a daytime visual locator, or an attention grabbing beacon of light in the night sky. Consider your location and the type of traffic when considering signage options. Is it mostly a daytime walking crowd, or are you on a main road with lots of vehicle traffic? Knowing your area will help in determining the best bang for your buck.

The Law:
Each municipality has bylaws to determine what is allowed for signage, and most require you to apply for a sign permit. What are your strata/complex rules regarding signage? Unless you own your building you will have to conform to existing standards set by the owner or council, and get approval from the building owner in order to obtain your sign permit.

It’s what’s inside that counts:
Try and set aside some budget for interior branding and signage. Let customers see how important your brand is by showing it off inside, it will help with reinforcing your image and may even aid in impulse purchases. Interior signage can be utilized by perhaps your logo on a feature wall, digital TV displays to show menus or information about your products, and/or LED clip frames for posters.

You are here:
Getting your clients lost will not help you make sales or increase your popularity as the clients meter runs low searching for your office. You might be able to find your place of business in your sleep, but make sure that your customers aren’t getting frustrated. Look into directory signage and way finding signs and don’t forget something as simple as washroom signage…nobody really likes to ask!

Matchy, matchy! Consistency is key:
Match your marketing. Boost the impact of your sign budget and reinforce you’re branding by making sure the colors, graphics, and fonts you use coordinate across all mediums from your signage, business cards and right on through to your vehicle graphics.

Frequent Message Club:
Opt to purchase digital signage if you want to change your message frequently. You’ll spend a bit more on the initial purchase, but changing the content is easy and inexpensive. You’ll have a multi-purpose sign that’s eye catching and tells people you adapt with technology.

Maintain your image:
Be kind to your business signage. Plan for proper storage and maintenance to stretch your budget by allowing signs to last longer and always look their best. Consult your sign professional if a sign is damaged – sometimes repairs can be made unobtrusively, bringing your sign back to life at a reasonable cost. Consider replacing or rebranding signs before they lose their panache. This may not sound like a budget-conscious idea, but your signage reflects the quality and professionalism of your business.

Relationships matter:
Build a lasting relationship with your sign professional. The right sign company will help you uncover every opportunity to make the most of your signage – within your budget. Your sign professional will also go above and beyond to provide you with ideas and suggestions you might not have thought about. They’re the pros, and they’re on your side. They’ll gladly work with you to answer any of the above questions and provide solutions and costing, and help you sort through the paperwork required for authorizations, permits and/or engineering if required.