singcraft signs for business educationSchools are an essential part of the community dynamic. Educational facilities provide people with a wide range of opportunities. From sports to tutoring, schools provide students with much more than just an education. Proper signage within these spaces is crucial in order to keep students, faculty, and visitors safe and informed. At SignCraft, we can design custom signage for your school to ensure that you uphold a high standard for everyone who visits your campus. Whether you are a university or a high school, we have you covered! Follow along below to learn more about the types of signage we offer for educational facilities.

Why Do You Need Kelowna Commercial Signage for Education?

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There are several reasons why schools require good signage. Similar to a healthcare facility, a school needs lots of wayfinding signs. Informing students and faculty as they roam the campus is essential in creating a welcoming environment. Below we’ve listed some reasons why you might want to add signage to your educational institution:

  1. Promote school spirit
  2. Provide directions/wayfinding
  3. Enhance aesthetics
  4. Provide health and safety warnings
  5. Showcase the school’s brand/motto
  6. Support the athletics department
  7. Encourage students and staff

These are just a few reasons why signage is important in an educational setting. Continue reading this article to learn about what types of signs you can invest in.

What Kinds of Signs Would Be Useful at a School?

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When you are deciding what kind of signs to invest in for your school, the first thing you’ll need is a front entrance sign. This will let visitors know that they are in the right place and also symbolize your facility to the community. A great front entrance sign will enhance students’ first impressions of campus. You can use LED/digital signs, lightbox signs, monument signs, and so many other types to create your ideal front entrance sign.

The next thing you might want to include in your school is athletic signage. Does your school have a strong reputation for athletic excellence? Showcase this with spirit signage that promotes your teams. Not only will this fortify confidence in your athletes, but also encourage students to support their school teams. Oftentimes, athletic events will unify the student body. Come together and celebrate as one with some epic sports signage! Banners, flags, yard signs, and decals are all common ways that schools will highlight their athletic departments. Invest in some athletic signage and bring your school together!

Another type of sign you’ll need to include is wayfinding/directional signs. Most school campuses have lots of buildings and areas, and it is important to inform students and faculty of where they are. This will improve the experience of all visitors and make things run smoother. Be sure to include signs at the entrance of each building that denote what they are. You’ll also want to add hallway signage, door signage, and outdoor signage to help students navigate campus. Help your buildings stand out with high-quality signs. You can also add signs to parking lots to ensure that staff and students park in appropriate zones. As well as, labeling student drop-off/pick-up areas to minimize congestion. 

Promote Your School With Signs!

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Using signs to promote your school is another great investment. Use your school logo or mascot and get students excited about coming to campus! Great signage is an easy way to keep spirits high—especially during exam season. Finding ways to incorporate signs will help your student body come together as one. You can even offer items like t-shirts, athletic gear, mugs, lanyards, and bumper stickers to enhance enthusiasm. Promoting your school’s atmosphere and highlighting excelling departments is a great way to draw in new students and faculty. Signcraft is here to help you design signs for your school’s every need! 

Contact Us Today About Kelowna Commercial Signage for Education.

Education signage is necessary on a school campus for a number of reasons. There are many different signs you can purchase to ensure students and staff are safe and can find their way around. The signs mentioned above can be valuable in promoting and directing traffic at your facility. Signs are an essential part of a successful school campus. If you have any questions about getting commercial signage in Kelowna don’t hesitate to reach out. To learn more about what material is right for your needs or to receive a quote, contact us at SignCraft today. We look forward to helping you achieve your signage goals. For more information check out our social media page, and feel free to call us at any time!