Kelowna Commercial Signage For Education!

Schools are an essential part of the community dynamic. Educational facilities provide people with a wide range of opportunities. From sports to tutoring, schools provide students with much more than just an education. Proper signage within these spaces is crucial in order to keep students, faculty, and visitors safe and informed. At SignCraft, we can design custom signage for your school to ensure that you uphold a high standard

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Commercial Sign Shop Discusses Getting a Sign Permit in Kelowna!

Signs involve much more than just a pretty design, most of the time in Kelowna you also require a sign permit. At a commercial sign shop like ours, there are several steps involved. Both from the client and us. Many people neglect to consider the process. Thus, causing a delay in the project when they realize what they must gather on their end. In an effort to ensure that

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6 Reasons Business Owners Should Upgrade Business Signs This Spring!

We can feel spring in the air here in Kelowna, and after the long Okanagan winter we’ve endured, chances are high that your business signage is feeling the effects of winters past as well. Spring is a great time to consider changing and refreshing your commercial signage and we’ve compiled six fantastic reasons why changing, upgrading and cleaning your signage will not only feel good, but will also

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What are the Signage Trends in Kelowna for 2018

2018 is finally here and trends say it’s not about being coy to get your business noticed when it comes to commercial signage. 2017 saw a shift in the world’s perspective and as a result of this cultural shift we are already beginning to see some of the effects on how businesses are marketing themselves with signage in 2018. What once was minimal and subtle has now changed

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