Commercial Sign Shop in Kelowna: 2023 Trends!

Signage has played a vital role in society, especially since the outbreak of COVID-19. However, most businesses aren’t looking for pandemic signage anymore. With that being said, signs are still an important part of any business. Wayfinding, storefront signs, parking lot signs, sandwich READ MORE

Signage Company in Kelowna – 2022 Blog Recap!

In 2022, we wrote several different blog articles about our signage company in Kelowna. These articles cover all sorts of information like signs for different businesses, sign trends, and so much more! We wrote tons of informational posts over the year so that READ MORE

Holiday Signage in Kelowna for the Winter!

Prepping for the holiday season is best done early. Especially, if you own a business. Nothing says holiday cheer like holiday signage in Kelowna. However, holiday signage can also let your customers know about seasonal deals, promotions, and events! Signage helps enhance the READ MORE

Commerical Signage in Kelowna for Transporatation

The transportation industry is a large sector of the economy. A healthy transit system helps people get from place to place during their day. In addition, having good signage is a key element of a successful transportation system. From wayfinding to timely updates READ MORE

Kelowna Commercial Signage For Education!

Schools are an essential part of the community dynamic. Educational facilities provide people with a wide range of opportunities. From sports to tutoring, schools provide students with much more than just an education. Proper signage within these spaces is crucial in order to READ MORE

Commercial Signage in Kelowna for Entertainment!

The entertainment industry would not be the same without vibrant signage and epic graphics. Signs provide a unique ambiance and persona to all forms of entertainment. Whether that be sporting events, concerts, charity events, or arts performances. There aren’t many forms of entertainment READ MORE

Healthcare Signs For Businesses in Kelowna.

When you think about signs for businesses in Kelowna, chances are you will picture a retail store or food chain. However, industries like healthcare require specific signage in and around their facilities. Healthcare signage is some of the most important out there. Without READ MORE

Kelowna Business Signs For Real Estate.

Business signs are an important part of any business’s marketing strategy. Accurate signage helps customers discover your business and see what you’re about. In real estate, great signage can be the difference between selling a home and having it sit on the market READ MORE

Business Signs Kelowna For Retail Stores!

Having quality business signs Kelowna for your retail store is essential in generating leads. The right type of signage can draw in new customers and opportunities. Retail signage should be a top priority in your marketing plan. Whether you are a grocery store READ MORE

Kelowna Small Business Signs For Cafés

For owners of small businesses, investing in great signage can make a big impact on the success of your company. Signs say a lot about your business. They can offer a sneak peek into your brand and add to the overall look of READ MORE

Small Business Signs Kelowna: Landscaping and Construction

No matter what your small business is, having a great sign can help your company take off. From attracting customers and promoting your brand, to symbolizing your aesthetic, proper signage does it all. In this article, we are going to focus on specific READ MORE

Sign Maintenance in Kelowna for the Spring!

Spring is almost here, and after a long Okanagan winter, your sign may be in need of some maintenance. Luckily, SignCraft knows a lot about sign maintenance in Kelowna. Knowing when to maintain your sign will help ensure it lasts a long time. READ MORE

2022 Trends For Signs in Kelowna!

Signs say a lot about your business. Having an outdated sign in 2022 could risk you, potential customers. Ensuring that your company has the most up-to-date branding can significantly increase the profit of your business in 2022! Great signage gives your clients important READ MORE

Kelowna Signcraft Reflects on 2021!

Kelowna Signcraft Reflects on 2021 with a Year in Review! In 2021, we wrote all sorts of content surrounding signs and lighting. These articles were designed to ensure that our clients stay informed about our business. We wrote informational posts to keep readers READ MORE

Sign Shop in Kelowna Talks Materials!

Your favourite sign shop in Kelowna is here to talk about materials. There are so many choices when it comes to manufacturing signs. But, don’t panic. Our team of experienced sign-making professionals is here to help you pick the best material for your READ MORE

Commercial Sign Shop Discusses Getting a Sign Permit in Kelowna!

Signs involve much more than just a pretty design, most of the time in Kelowna you also require a sign permit. At a commercial sign shop like ours, there are several steps involved. Both from the client and us. Many people neglect to READ MORE

Kelowna Sign Shop Gives You the History of Signs.

Signs have been around long before our capitalist needs of promotion and advertisement. Some of the earliest indications of sign usage date back to the Paleolithic age A.K.A the Fred Flinstone era. Unlike us, our predecessors used signs to communicate with one another. READ MORE

Commercial Lighting Fixtures Kelowna Top Trends

In 2021 there have been many trends – including in the commercial lighting industry. People are making a push to go green and save energy this year. Lighting is becoming the centerpiece of commercial design. With more and more companies looking to implement READ MORE

Why get a vehicle wrap in Kelowna?

Getting a vehicle wrap in Kelowna can serve many benefits to the everyday automotive owner. Those who own a business can use their wrap to advertise their company. Moreover, people can also use a vehicle wrap to switch up the look of their READ MORE

Building Lighting Attracts Customers – Here’s Why.

Lighting can make or break your business. Good lighting attracts customers and highlights the best features of your building or signage. Through lighting you add functionality, value, design, and efficiency to your building’s exterior and interior. Read below to see what your building READ MORE

Celebrate Earth Day With A LED Replacement.

Traditional lighting in the form of incandescent bulbs and otherwise, are starting to be a thing of the past. If you’re looking to save on cost in the long-run and make a more environmentally friendly switch, LED Replacement is a service for you. READ MORE

Parking lot pole light repair in Kelowna

Parking lot pole light repair in Kelowna may seem like a strange service, but you don’t realize the demand until you’re in need of a new fixture. Finding a great company that offers aid with this task can be difficult – it’s not READ MORE

Kelowna’s Signcraft Offers Parking Lot Pole Light Repair Service in 2021

To contact us about pole light service or lighting maintenance, please click one of the buttons below: To learn more about these services, please read below. It’s 2021 and what better way to welcome back local customers to your Kelowna business, than with READ MORE

This Kelowna Sign Company would like to wish you very Happy Holidays!

From all of us at Kelowna’s favourite sign company, here at Signcraft we would like to wish you the happiest of holidays! 2020 was one of the most challenging years in recent history, especially for some of our business customers. We all struggled READ MORE

Does the cold Kelowna weather affect neon signs?

As the temperature drops in Kelowna this winter, you’re probably wondering if your neon signs will be affected. The cold temperatures can sometimes make neon signs a little less bright, which definitely doesn’t help in the early dark evenings in Kelowna. This loss READ MORE

The types of commercial signs we manufacture in Kelowna

The sign on your storefront is the first thing people see when walking up or driving by your store, it is their overall first impressions of you and your business, which means commercial signs are the most important part of advertising in Kelowna. READ MORE

Are you thinking of converting your fluorescent sign to LED signage?

If you are thinking about changing your signage from fluorescent to LED lights, let us help you make this decision. There are many benefits to changing to LED lights, and we are going to list them all for you in this article. As READ MORE

The statistics on outdoor signage speak for themselves

Some people think your brand is just a logo and nothing more, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your brand is your identity and is something that can stick in your customers minds thay may make them want to do business READ MORE

Kelowna Signage trends for 2019

Well we are now half through 2019 and we have seen some changes in the trends of outdoor signage, but the year isn’t over yet. In this article we are going to discuss some of the signage trends of 2019, and why you READ MORE

The benefits of window graphics and outdoor signs

Is the outside of your building missing an identity? Having exterior signage on your building can have a huge benefit when it comes to advertising, and here are a few of them to think about. Attention Grabbing Having exterior signage on your building READ MORE

Why small business need to hire a sign company

When most small business first start up, the first thing they think of when it comes to marketing and promoting their business are things like newspaper ads, mail outs, flyers, etc. These methods can work but they are not the most cost effective READ MORE

Best practices for indoor retail signage

Indoor signage and advertising is one of the most important things you can do inside your business. Your Kelowna signs are essentially one of your best salespeople you have, as the signs help your customers navigate your store and find the things they READ MORE

Why using vehicle graphics can really benefit your business

If you’re looking to get your business out there and draw awareness in all places, vehicle graphics may be the best option for you. When you here a Kelowna sign company to do a full vehicle wrap you can really show off your READ MORE

Winter holiday advertising ideas for Kelowna businesses

Last minute shoppers in Kelowna aren’t the only ones who are caught unprepared for the uber busy holiday season, we also see many local businesses who have failed to plan ahead for what is arguably the busiest time of the retail year. People READ MORE

5 Benefits of LED Lighting for Signs

There are 3 main choices when it comes to outdoor signage for your business and what you can get from your sign shop Kelowna: neon, fluorescent, and LED. Neon and fluorescent have been around for a long time and have a great track READ MORE

Outdoor Sign Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your outdoors signs in Kelowna is one of the most important things you can do for the identity of your business. Clean and well maintained sigs show professionalism, but if you don’t keep your outdoor signage maintained it can make your business READ MORE

Why your outdoor signage is so important to your business

Your outdoor signage is the most important part of your advertising, as it is the first impression the public will get. Make that first impression a great one with outdoor signage that highlights your business presence and your brand identity. Our unique and READ MORE

Job Posting: CNC Operator Sign Prep Worker

Position Title: CNC Operator Sign Prep Worker Location: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Duration: Full-time Salary: $15 per hour to start, benefits after 3 months. Opportunity for quick advancement. Signcraft provides a fast past paced, dynamic work environment. We are looking to add an READ MORE

Job Posting: Commercial Sign Installer

Position Title: Commercial Sign Installer Location: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Duration: Full-time Salary: Signcraft pays TOP wages for experienced happy, hard working and efficient sign workers! Signcraft provides a fast paced, dynamic work environment. We are looking to add an efficient Commercial Sign READ MORE

Job Posting: Graphic Vinyl Installer

Position Title: Graphic Vinyl Installer Location: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Duration: Full-time Signcraft provides a fast paced, dynamic work environment. We are looking to add experienced vinyl graphic installers to our growing team. Successful applicants will spend time on and off site and READ MORE

Four print marketing pieces you need to have for your Kelowna start up

Starting a business is a thrilling time for an entrepreneur. Nothing is perhaps more fun when you’re in startup mode than selecting the mediums to advertise and promote your new Kelowna business to the masses. Whether you’re in tech, agriculture, food service, or READ MORE

Five amazing ways to market your business using your own vehicle

Let’s face it, we all do a lot of driving here in North America. Whether you’re young and single with errands to run or your a parent taking your kids everywhere and back again, we’re all guilty of spending some significant time with READ MORE

6 Reasons Business Owners Should Upgrade Business Signs This Spring!

We can feel spring in the air here in Kelowna, and after the long Okanagan winter we’ve endured, chances are high that your business signage is feeling the effects of winters past as well. Spring is a great time to consider changing and READ MORE

Advantages of using LED signs for your Kelowna business

Do you own a business in Kelowna and are thinking of switching your signs to use LED lights? Well you’d be making a very wise decision, and here’s why. what are led signs? LED signs derive from a string of Light Emitting Diodes READ MORE

3M Wrap Films

3M Wrap Films

3M adds standard stock colors to their 1080 series wrap films! Refuse to be ordinary. Refuse to blend in. 3M™ Scotchprint® Wrap Film Series 1080 is a distinctive way to make you—and your car—stand out in the crowd. With many new finishes from READ MORE

Four Points Hotel

Four Points Hotel

Signcraft is excited to be working with Argus Properties on the exterior sign package at the new Four Points Hotel by Sheraton currently being constructed across the highway from the Kelowna International Airport. This project will consist of massive 5 foot tall channel READ MORE

Signcraft is reaching new heights!

Signcraft is reaching new heights!

Big news!  Literally!  We have replaced our existing maintenance/installation vehicle with an Elliott V60 Hi Reach Truck.   We will now have a working height of 63 feet!!    Elliott is the premier manufacturer of trucks specially designed with the sign industry in READ MORE

Konquer Motorcycles

Konquer Motorcycles

Congratulations to Jeff and the team at Kreater Motorcycles, they have just completed their rebranding to Konquer Motorcycles. This was somewhat of a challenge as were instructed to keep the changeover under wraps until the install day, what with all of the sign READ MORE

Starting a New Business?

Statistics show that signs attract HALF of a start-up business’ new customers. Is your new sign poised to generate that kind of business? Here are some key points to consider when researching signage for your new business. Budget: Starting off with a budget will not READ MORE

Vinyl Installation Instructions

Summerland Gets Historic Monument Signs

Summerland Gets Historic Monument Signs

Signcraft teamed up with local artist Peter Soehn, designer Robert Inwood, and the District of Summerland to fabricate, sculpt and install two very large “Welcome to the District of Summerland” signs at the north and south entrances to Summerland along Highway 97. This READ MORE